AdhocHaus revolutionizes temporary accommodation and spatial solutions

AdhocHaus offers solutions with the latest technology for temporary accommodation and spatial needs. Our unique modular spatial solutions are easy to customize, expand and move into any need and use. Being a utility model protected innovation, our solutions are particularly cost-effective and long-lasting. AdhocHaus solutions comprise all temporary and movable buildings together with the included modular spatial solutions (eg accommodation, office, sanitary and sauna modules). Our solutions are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Buy or rent – our products will solve your accommodation and spatial needs cost-effectively.


Build a modular solution to your need. Thanks to the modular structure, all our solutions can be tailored even during use.


Top energy-efficiency in accommodation solutions. Energy use of the rest area in the entire Restin Room  accommodation module is only about 2 W.


Movability and modular structure enable accommodation capacity to be built exactly to the right extent, in exactly the right place and at exactly the right time.


Our products are designed, manufactured and put together in Finland. Cost-effectiveness in our solutions is based on our utility model protected innovation.

I stayed over night at Helsinki-Vantaa airport (Restin Room) accommodation module while waiting for my flight. The technology and quality of the facility took me by a positive surprise. I wish we had these at every airport.

Air passenger

Feedback (translated from German)

Had a 2-hour nap. Did fall asleep with ease here. I’m escorting my husband and we’ve had a 3-hour car drive here. After waking up at 4.15 and driving here on time in the morning, I didn’t have to wait for sleep for long. Really necessary, a resting place like this, at least for long-distance travelers.

A patient's relative at HUS

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